A bit of bore Subway tunnel drilling, Queens, NY.

Afghanistan Kabul, Panjshir Valley, and the north.

Alaska, Canada, American Midwest 4,000 miles on the road with Dad.

All photography postings Everything posted on this site.

Approaching mile 8 NYC Marathon, November 2011.

Brooklyn Dusk, nighttime, and oddities.

Columbus Park Mahjong in Chinatown.

Coney Island Summer afternoon.

Cricket in Prospect Park Impromptu Saturday match.

Dad Climbs a ladder.

Eustis moose hunt Dad, Uncle Dick, and Mike with guns ‘n’ ammo.

Fisherpeople Portland, ME. Summer, 2011.

Jashn-e-Shadi on Staten Island Pakistani wedding celebration.

Mohammed. Columbus Park. A tale in one face.

Photography Postings Complete index of blog posts.

Production Stills Two long-term productions.

The Hipstamatics Snapshots.

This is our park Nighttime tension in Zuccotti Park.

Treleven Farm Don Mitchell’s sheep farm, Vergennes, VT.

Under the BQE You’ll find a bunch of stuff.

Wedding Gentian Falstrom and Barry Nelson, Mystic, CT, 8/1/09.

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