Lambing Season (2016)

See the completed film here:

Don Mitchell – novelist, screenwriter, Vermont sheep farmer – tends to his flock during the spring lambing season while examining the identities he’s sought, lost, and discovered over his lifetime.  A sophisticated and cinematic snapshot of a man with wisdom, poise, and a powerful story.

A documentary short film, Lambing Season was conceived during research for a feature script I’m currently writing about a sheep farmer.   Originally shooting with the title Retiree in mind, I began pursuing the idea of a man – writer/sheep farmer/good sport Don Mitchell – in his golden years, with its attendant baggage and freedoms, but the material drifted toward something deeper and more richly faceted.  It is finally a film about identity: choosing it, chasing it, losing it, and finding all manner of new ones among mapless backroads.

The film is in the music scoring stage at the moment, and should be finished by late summer.  Keep an eye on this page for updates.

UPDATE: February 2016: The film is finally finished.  Sound mix complete.

UPDATE: November 2016: The film has been acquired for air and stream on Vermont PBS, beginning this winter.  Check in for details.

With Don Mitchell & Cheryl Mitchell
Produced, photographed, and edited by Andrew Baker
Music by Aleksei Stevens
Mixed by Craig Kyllonen

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