“Plastic” to screen Saturday, October 15.

It occurs to me that I have made no formal announcement here that ‘Plastic’ is finished.

‘Plastic’ is finished.

The film took over two years to make from casting through final mixing; our magnificent sound mixer Craig Kyllonen and I finally sent it off to kindergarten in mid-July to let it live a life of its very own outside of the security of the editing room, color correct console, and mixing board.  We had a small screening and wrap party in early September, and now it is in consideration at over a dozen fall and winter festivals, with many more on the horizon during the coming year.  Best wishes as it fends for itself in the cold, dark ether (it has tremendous strengths; all of its many parents are quite proud).

We got word today that ‘Plastic’ will screen at its first festival next month: Saturday, October 15, 7pm, at Five Myles (558 St. Johns Pl, Brooklyn), as part of the Crown Heights Film Festival.  Many thanks to Kenzan for insisting we submit; the film was predominantly shot a block and a half from this theater, in my old stomping ground, and it’s fitting that its first New York public screening be in the neighborhood.  Please come and see the show!

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