Devil’s Tower.

Near Hulett, Wyoming. August 7, 2011.  Bikers flood the Midwest each August for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, flocking to sites like Devil’s Tower just across the South Dakota/Wyoming border.

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  1. looks amazing… maybe oneday I can travel the world and see sites like this.

  2. thanks for the pics. it is a great place to visit, in a nerdy kind of “close encounters” way.
    congrats on being FP.

  3. It really looks like devil’s tower.Is it cool to have a trip in?

  4. Wow… I like it. This is very beauty

  5. That thing is incredible. I lived in Wyoming for one and a half years, and never got a chance to see it. Thanks for sharing the photos. Connie

  6. really awesome pictures.. Why do they call it the devils tower?

  7. In Island Sri Lanka also have something similar, but with bigger history and fotress which used interesting technology of taking water from ground level to the top in 5th century or before..

  8. I’ve been to Wyoming but missed this. Terrific shots!

  9. There is something special about that first sighting of Devils Tower as you come over a slight rise – it just is there…cool place.

  10. How *beautiful!* Thanks so much for sharing your pics!


  11. Well that’s amazing and just shows my ignorance. I really didn’t think this monolith was real. Great pics, many thanks for sharing the info

  12. I like your photos. I was hitchhiking back in 1986 or 87 and this guy picked me up and we stopped at the Devil’s Tower. It is an impressive sight. You can see the Devil’s Tower if you drive on I-90 in Wyoming.

  13. It’s interesting that somehow that mountain seems as ominous in real life as it did in Close Encounters….I can see why Spielberg was inspired to use it as a backdrop to the movie. It just seems like something otherwordly could happen there. Love the photo with the motorcycles in the foreground.

  14. bsullivan11 Says:

    Great Stuff

  15. That looks great – I’d love to visit! I’ve never been to Wyoming or S Dakota. Really, I don’t believe I’ve ever been in any of the central or mid-west states, just east or west coast.

  16. You’re in my neck of the woods. Great photos!

  17. Intriguing :) The photos are beautiful :)

  18. went here when I was younger – love it


  19. Vaauuuu!

  20. Mariajose Says:

    I seriously need to do some traveling in order to get close to this.

  21. I am ashamed to admit I didn’t know it was real, either. Yikes! (What can I say: I grew up a poor black child in the inner city :) The movie, Close Encounters, takes on a whole new meaning. I think a trip to Wyoming is in store before I die. Congrats on being FP’d.

  22. That third photos is just unbelievable!! Gorgeous!!

  23. interest that photographes.

  24. Did you hit any of the other sites in the Black Hills area? Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, the needles Highway, Harney Peak, The Badlands?


  25. This mountain looks suspicious.

  26. Beautiful, I love the last picure!

  27. Love the last photo – awesome. Devil’s Tower is something to see in one’s lifetime. Congrats on being FP!

  28. Beautiful pictures; I especially like the last one! Thanks for sharing and congrats on freshly pressed!

  29. WOW! “DEVIL’S tOWER” LOOKS LIKE IT WAS MANMADE, BUT WHEN? How many tens of thousands of years ago? Solid rock now. What was it used for? Looks like a big incinerator. Maybe a gabidge facility?(haha) Amazing view! Woohoo!

  30. “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” …. great photography !!

    Have you ever been to Devils Post Pile Monument in Mammoth, CA? Stunning…..just like this monument. :)

  31. Gorgeous pictures, but I have to admit when I first saw these photos all I could think of was the “mash potato” scene from “Close Encounters”. Congrats on the FP!

  32. basangsisiw Says:

    I just wonder why it is called Devil’s Tower? But great shots! Especially the last photo…Good luck!

  33. beautiful pictures – but I must say I got a kick out of the helmet sticker. Silver tongued devil….

    • Ha! Me too…I was beginning to wonder if anyone else noticed the incredible use of language. Amazing how one word can have so many different meanings!

      Great photography…thanks for the tour.

  34. Must be an excellent ride out there on a bike. Great pics, thanks for sharing them.

  35. That one picture with the two motorcycles with numerically ordered tags is brilliant, especially because you captured the redundant insulting bumper sticker on the back of the helmet. Classic!

  36. wow. that rock just looks unreal. has anyone ever tried to climb it?

  37. It is absolutely beautiful. Some of the tribes called it : Their names for the monolith include: Aloft on a Rock (Kiowa), Bear’s House (Cheyenne, Crow), Bear’s Lair (Cheyenne, Crow), Bear’s Lodge (Cheyenne, Lakota), Bear’s Lodge Butte (Lakota), Bear’s Tipi (Arapaho, Cheyenne), Tree Rock (Kiowa), and Grizzly Bear Lodge (Lakota).

  38. Red Toenails Says:

    Who’d of thunk it, Wyoming, huh?

  39. flydaniel Says:

    Cool rock formation! It deserve its name

  40. Wow, amazing. Greate post and photos too. Classic!

  41. Wow, gorgeous! I want to see it in person now!

  42. wow! that’s an amazing landmark. i’d love to make a trip myself…the pictures are beautiful but i’m certain something like that is so much more stunning in person! thanks for sharing.

  43. Ron Scubadiver Says:

    Close encounters of the third kind.

  44. Great, thanks for sharing

  45. loved the bike…. the last pic is just remarkable…

  46. The rock is extra-ordinary. Awesome shots!

  47. Great photos. I was lucky enough to spend a week travelling round part of the USA last summer taking in many sights, including Devil’s Tower and Mount Rushmore. Your photos of both brought back some great memories- thanks!

  48. Beautiful view, beautiful shot. I like it.

    From BYM – Indonesia

  49. Awesome images! Brought back the memories, when I visited it. :)

  50. Looks like a really magical place, I’d love to go one day.

  51. Why am I suddenly playing with my mashed potatoes…?

  52. great pictures man ! devil’s tower is wicked .

  53. Woah, what a view! Looks great!

  54. My husband & I were there 2 weeks ago. Very spiritual place

  55. one day soon im going there XD (maybe i’ll even climb it)
    looks intresting enough.

  56. I loved visiting Devil’s Tower back in 2003 we stopped there on the Way back from Mount Rushmore, both were incredible experiences. I am proud to say we were there during the Sturgis motorcycle influx. First time I ever saw a buffalo and a motorcycle side by side. Enjoyed the pics :-)

  57. oregonoutdoordude Says:

    Thats fricken beautiful

  58. Hmm…Get me a geodetic survey map of that…;)

  59. Did you know that Devils Tower is made of phonolite porphyry? Phonolite refers to the ringing of the rock when a small slab is struck and its ability to reflect sound. Amazing!

  60. The Word Jar Says:

    So beautiful and so in the middle of nowhere! On a trip to Mount Rushmore, I made my family drive the hour out of the way just to see this. Because what high schooler isn’t dying to see Devil’s Tower? And I had no idea it was in Close Encounters; I still have never seen that movie. Needless to say, once they got over the drive time, the fam was just as in awe as I was.

    Great pics! Thanks for sharing!

  61. I’ve always wanted to go here but I was never sure of the people in said state. Hell I guess one day with enough money I’ll travel around America and see the sites.

  62. I thought it was made of mash potato… ;-)

  63. Carly Frerichs Says:

    This is by far my favorite place to climb! Thanks for showing such a great place off!

  64. You make me even more determined to visit. I will definitely refer to your photos for teaching about the Northwest.

  65. Too funny that movie was just on TV this weekend!

  66. Great shots. I think my riding days are over but I’d happily do it in a convertible.

  67. Amazing photos…I would love to see this….

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