Glacier National Park.

Montana.  August 6, 2011.  A surreal winter landscape in early August.  The 1.5 mile hike up a snowfield can be done comfortably in shorts.

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  1. AMAZING. I love it.

  2. Beautiful pix. I love seeing the snow when it’s almost 100 degrees here…


  3. I visited Glacier twice as a boy. I still talk about it.

  4. Amazing post, thanks! :D

  5. I would love to visit Glacier National Park. Hopefully someday…

  6. AWESOME! Really liking that last photograph :) Congrats on getting FP! :)

  7. Glacier NP is one of the most unique places on the planet. My parents met there in 1942. My dad, a “gear jammer”, drove the open top buses, while my mom was a waitress at Many Glacier Lodge. I owe my life to Glacier NP. Enjoy your stay!

  8. Montana is the most beautiful state, in my opinion. :) These pics are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them.

  9. O my gosh! I’ve got to move to Montana!

  10. Wow!!! Big sky country indeed!

  11. wooowwwww… awesome pictures.. i love them.. makes me wanna go there some day.. great post.. thanx for sharing.. :-)

  12. After the heat we’ve had, this looks refreshing. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  13. I visited Montana once and it is a beautiful state. Great pictures!

  14. Beautiful. Love the first shot.

  15. My favorite place in the world

  16. Wow, what beautiful photos! GNP has now leapfrogged to the top of my “must visit” short list. Thanks!

  17. These pictures are beautiful. That would be so neat to see the white mountain goat, or is it sheep.

  18. aliceflynn Says:

    Great photos. I am a Montanan born and raised, and Glacier was our favorite national Park as a family when I was growing up. I am shocked at how little of the glaciers are left as shown in your photos compared to when I was a child in the 1950’s.

  19. salinkumark Says:

    are u a lover of nature?…watch my trip..

  20. singing Says:

    The beauty in the first picture (especially) takes my breath away! The tranquility of that sliver of water in pic. 2 is also lovely! How nice of you to share your trip!

  21. I can feel the crispness in the air!

  22. I lived in Montana for a summer in the Potomic river valley. It’s some of the most amazing country in the States. Thanks for the pictures!

  23. Diary Scope Says:

    Thanks a ton for sharing the pics.

  24. Love the scenery.

  25. woow. beautiful places, amazing pics. Thanks :) Perfect

  26. beckyspringer Says:

    Wow! I’d love to visit and experience what you have! Great pictures, thank you for sharing them!!
    P.S. It looks cold, brrrr!

  27. Beautiful.

  28. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures. I’m lucky enough to live about five hours drive from Glacier so I’ve been there many times. I love Logan Pass as well as the the Many Glacier area. I was on the trail above Hidden Lake once when it was closed by rangers behind us (unknown to us). Kind of a sinking feeling discovering you’re on the wrong side of a chain that warns “Trail closed due to grizzlies in area.” Needless to say, we picked up the pace a little on the way back.

  29. One of my favorite places! Great photos.

    Matty :D

  30. wow. those are amazing shots. i can only imagine the real view is spectacular. thanks for sharing! i’ll have to make my way to montana.

  31. Cool pics! Congrats on being FP!

  32. Mr Baker,

    Stunning, wonderful photography! These images instantly bring me back to my first (and only, alas) trip to Glacier some years back. The hike to Grinnell Glacier remains one of my absolute favorites ever. And so glad to see you got some goats, too!



  33. How strange it is I am actually staring at pictures of my place of birth. Logan Pass is named after my great(something) uncle. The Logan Bed and Breakfast in Kalispell, MT near the Conrad Mansion was owned by my grandmother’s grandmother. I remember my grandmother has pictures of her playing in the yard with her cousins at the house. It is strange to sit across the country in Mass and want, even more, to be back among the beauty and simplicity of those mountains. My brother, sister-in-law and father all live up back of Glacier Park if you take the back side down towards Bowman Lake. It is always such a treat when I bring friends back with me and we visit the park. I am always amused by their astonishment that there is snow in August…heehe. Thank you for sharing. It is always comforting to see those magnificent peaks.

  34. Great photos… the carved-away look of those mountains is incredible. I lived in Montana for awhile and it’s a great regret of mine that I never had a chance to explore the parks there.

  35. Beautiful! I plan to make a visit there in the next few years!

  36. I also love it, I must get myself there somtime soon.

  37. We were in Glacier in mid-July. Going-to-the-Sun Road opened while we were there, and the Hidden Lake trail wasn’t open yet. It looks as though this is where these were taken. How much snow was there at Logan Pass when you were there? We love Glacier and visit every 3 years or so. I also did a blog post on our trip.

    Looks as though you had a wonderful trip, as well.

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  38. Looks absolutely breathtaking!! Kind of reminds me of Banff! I hope that goat didn’t give you too much trouble! :) Glacier has long been one of the places my heart has desired to climb….that and the Tetons. So beautiful!

  39. wow, gorgeous photos (:

  40. This brings back a lot of memories. My wife and I spent a week or so in Glacier over twenty years ago and I never saw such beauty. I’ll have to dig out and scan some photos.

    Especially good memories – The hke from Many Glacier to Iceberg Lake. Renting a Rowboat on Cameron Lake on the Canadian side. “Hole in the Wall” may be the best backcountry campsite I’ve ever seen (South Rim of Big Bend comes very close – it’s hard to compare the two).

    Thanks for the pictures.

  41. Absolutely stunning the views look spectacular reminds me of the area where I live! (Loch Lomond, Scotland)

  42. BLaine Robert Parker Says:

    groovy , am headed to Banff Rockie s next week

  43. everygoddamnday Says:

    damn beautiful mountain!

  44. beautiful shots!

  45. Wow, makes me want to visit. Great pictures.

  46. We don’t have winter in the Philippines, so seeing snow is just kind of magical. :) Congratulations on being FPed!

  47. What is the the name of this trail? It looks beautiful. Went to Glacier last year in July, so surprising how much snow stays on the ground in summer up there. Thanks for sharing!

  48. pattyabr Says:

    We went to Glacier Nat’l Park in August 2002. It snowed on August 15th and we were all huddled in the lodge freezing. I know I had warm clothes but I didn’t have my winter coat. Very nice pics. Congrats on FP. Nice memories.

  49. Beautiful pictures. I linked this to facebook as wel for everyone to see.
    Jean Andre Vallery

  50. Susan Weeks Says:

    Thanks for reminding me of the beauty of Glacier. WAY back (late 1950s), a wonderful two weeks were spent camping there. Hiking up to Mt. Brown Lookout, a fire post manned by honeymoon couples during the summer, the mountain goats took a particular liking to my mother. As she sat on a boulder filming them with her Brownie movie camera, three of them became increasingly curious…actually nosing the camera. I’m not sure who was more surprised at the encounter: my mother, the goats, or the honeymoon couple watching in astonishment. :)

  51. The first photo owned me when the page loaded! The evergreen trees really give a sense of scale when you start figuring out distances…well at least when I start lol. Thanks for showing me another place to visit

  52. oh wow. this is a trip i want to take!

  53. Awesome shots, and place

    Congrats on being pressed


  54. meleleh lagi… lagi-lagi meleleh

  55. […] Montana.  August 6, 2011.  A surreal winter landscape in early August.  The 1.5 mile hike up a snowfield can be done comfortably in shorts. … Read More […]

  56. Whew! it’s indeed an amazing place to go to… I’m sure anybody who gets there will surely find it hard to leave the place … :)).. the view’s GREAT!

  57. Incredibly beautiful. My family just got back, and after seeing all their pictures, it is no longer optional that my husband and I find the time and money to get out there next August…

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  59. nice pictures! i believe i have been here as well. and it was absolutely amazing. just a little bit colder. i couldn’t quite wear shorts. haha. i want to go back!

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  61. You really took me to there..nice…!

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