Beautifully put, Bill.

I urge anyone with a moral conscience to listen to Bill O’Reilly from time to time.  He appears to believe so fully in his self-proclaimed nonpartisan objectivity that, on the topic of, say, Obamacare, he helps to shed light on the elusive (and vaguely contradictory) perspective of the catchphrasing conservatives.  No one so deaf to hypocrisy could fail, eventually, to reveal their underlying concerns.

On last night’s Talking Points, he says this about the immediate ramifications of Obamacare:

“They key here is quality control.  The President believes the Feds can impose a more efficient system and hold private insurance companies accountable for misbehavior.  Which is unfortunately rampant, as you may know, if you’ve had to spar with the insurance people to get reimbursement – I have.  Talking Points believes strict oversight is possible, but tough guys would have to be hired, and that would mean a large expansion of the federal bureaucracy, something conservative Americans loathe. The strength of Obama’s vision is controlling costs and eliminating the chaos that comes from forty million  uninsured Americans potentially using hospital emergency rooms for medical care.  The weakness in Obamacare is the massive spending involved, and the specter of rationing health care. Because there will not be enough doctors to handle all the patients, so we’re gonna have to wait. At this point the President is basically dodging those two realities.”

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