“Plastic” casting – July 24th, NYC

Airfield Films is casting ‘Plastic”, a thirty-minute film about the aftermath of a mature relationship between a teacher and a pilot that haunts them both, literally and lyrically.  Andrew Baker writes/directs, Matthew Griffin produces, and Rob Featherstone shoots.  Rehearsals will be started as soon as possible, and the film will be shot on super 16mm over the course of several months, one or two days at a time, for roughly six days total.  Filming locations TBD, in New York City and environs.

Seeking ROB, 30s.

Please submit an email with a headshot and resume, and one or two lines about yourself, to airfieldfilms*at*gmail.com.  Auditions to be held in NYC on Saturday, July 24th by appointment.  If you are not available that day, please note this in your email.  Non-SAG, but some pay.

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