A Word On Hypocrisy

A tangential note, in response to the current Rush Limbaugh business.  Recall that this is the man who, in 2007, recieved a House GOP Resolution commending him for his support of the American troops, at a time when conservatives made no bones about obliterating as un-American those who questioned or demeaned the purpose of Americans fighting in Bush’s Iraq.  Remember, if you will, freedom fries.  Remember, in short, the emphasis the right placed on maintaining – nay, stanchioning – morale at a time of perilous chaos, when freely-choosing American youth enlisted in a combat force divided between two separate fronts to fight ideological wars against a nationless enemy with no tactile political agenda.

Now consider these same patriots expressly wishing our freely-elected commander-in-chief to fail.  Which is the greater hypocrisy, to shutter freedom of speech in the condescending name of wartime morale, or to condemn a six-week President too tangled up in the problems left by the last guy to make any mistakes of his own?

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